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Resident and Family Overview

Simpson Manor is home to 96 residents. We care for each and every one of our residents like they are our own mother or father, aunt or uncle, or grandparent. In fact, you may hear one of our staff saying such things and see our staff treating them equally well. Of course this does not mean to replace the real family, merely a warm stand-in. We always welcome the families and friends of our residents, whether you visit on your way home from work, or spend a weekend afternoon with us, your presence is always valued and appreciated by our residents and our staff.

A strong partnership with our residents, and the families of our residents, we fully support the Family and Resident Council, an independently operated non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the lives of the residents at Simpson Manor. The coucil provides additional support for residential life in cooperation with the recreation program.

Our Recreation Department offers physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and sensory programs designed to meet the needs of our residents. Each month we publish the Simpson Scoop newsletter and a calendar of events. Events occur every day in each neighbourhood within Simpson Manor, and sometimes we take selected residents on outings.


Neighbourhoods of Simpson Manor

Our facility has four distinct neighbourhoods, each with its own character - here are a couple photos for each of them.

Alder Way
Community Lounge

Alder Way Community Lounge


Alder Way Neighbourhood Lounge

Cherry Lane
Sunshine Room

Sunshine Room in Cherry Lane

Residential Hallway

Cherry Lane Residential Hallway

Maple Court
Dining Room

Maple Court Dining Room


Maple Court Library Area

Willow Place
Small Dining Area

Willow Place Semi-Private Dining

Sitting Area

Willow Place Sitting Area