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Visiting Residents

We welcome and encourage family and friends to be involved as much as possible.  All relatives and friends are invited to visit freely.

Visiting FamilyAll visitors are required to sign in and out.  The visitor log book is located at the Main Entry, South wall.  This ensures we have an accurate record of persons within the facility at any given time – to be used during an emergency situation.  If you have not signed in or out, we may not be aware of your presence in the building, and therefore cannot provide for your safety.

Although visiting times are not restricted, we ask that you be considerate of our streed neighbours and our residents.  The main entry and underground parkade are locked at 11PM and reopen at 6AM.  A door intercom is located at the main entrance for overnight access.

Please observe parking regulations at the Main Entry and do not park along yellow curbs on the street or at the entry.  It is critical to have this area clear for Ambulances and other service vehicles.

Our building security is designed to keep our residents safe. Be aware of persons following you through any secure (keypad) doors within the facility and specifically leaving one of our residential neighbourhoods or using the elevator.  Residents with high elopement (escape) risk are displayed at the doors entering each neighbourhood.

Infection & Flu Control

Flu shotWe ask that you be aware of and note any symptom which you may be experiencing such as: dry cough, fever, headache, sore throat, fatigue and nasal congestion.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please refrain from visiting our residents.  Our residents are more susceptible to illness than the general population and children.

Many healthy people may be carriers of the flu, or other common ailments without experiencing the symptoms. If you have been around people whom are ill, please delay any visit to Simpson for a few days until you are sure you have not caught the flu or other sickness. Your loved ones will love you more when you are healthy, and they remain healthy.

At times, the facility may be experiencing a generalized illness. We strive to minimize the risk and eliminate problems as quickly as possible. However, in the rare situation where such facility wide issues occur, we ask visitors to limit their visits to one resident, and wash their hands prior to endering the residential area, and upon departing the facility.  This is important to restrict the spread of any contagion.