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The History of Simpson Manor

Original House, circa 1920Simpson gains its name from Mrs. Mary Josephine Simpson (nee Thompson), the owner of the original farmhouse (1898) in which she offered room and board, sometimes rent-free.  It is believed Simpson Private Hospital, as it was first named, was one of the first nursing homes in British Columbia in 1952, and received one of the first provincial nursing home licenses in 1954.  Over the next 60 years, Simpson expanded, with the East and South wing extensions and the second floor being expanded.  The final expansion of the original farmhouse occurred in the late 80’s, with the North wing development at which time the second floor was closed and converted to offices.

From its humble beginnings as a care home in the 1950’s, Mrs. Simpson could not have known the legacy she had created by sharing her home with friends and strangers.

In 2005, a complete reconstruction project begun, and a new modern, state-of-the-art facility was constructed and fully completed in 2008.  It was renamed to Simpson Manor since the newly build modern apartment style of the building no longer suited a Hospital label.  Simpson Manor continues to create a rich history for all those that call it home, just as Mrs. Simpson would have wanted.

In the village of Fort Langley, information about her is posted at the CN Station Site.  Mrs. Simpson's Garden was planted in memory of the Station Agent's wife.

A lifelong railwayman, Mr. Richard Charles Simpson began his career with the Grand Trunk Railway, later to join the CN Railway and later moved to Fort Langley in 1918.  He was the first and longest serving CN Station Agent at Fort Langley (1918-1929)*.  Richard and his wife Mary made their home within the dedicated living quarters at the railway station.

Mr. Richard Simpson worked 60-hour work weeks for $20.00 per month which salary increased to $45.00 per month in 1918. An extra 5.00 per month could be earned from handling freight and passengers, also a small commission was gleaned from express and telegraph business*. After a long and dinstinguished career, Mr. Simpson retired in 1929. It is believed upon retirement, they moved out of the CN Station residence and purchased the house at the present site of Simpson Manor.

Simpson has been operating in one form or another as a residence for the elderly since the mid 1900's.

Original House, circa 1920
  1. Farmhouse built, believed 1898.
  2. Mrs. Simpson's home, 1929.
  3. Converted to nursing home 1952.
  4. Officially licensed in 1954.
  5. Second floor added, circa 1958.
  6. Expanded to add South wing, circa 1967.
  7. Second floor expanded, circa 1970.
  8. Expanded to add East wing, circa 1975.
  9. Simpson Hospital acquired by Decker Management in 1982.
  10. Expanded to add dining rooms and north wing, circa 1988.
  11. Demolition of South wing (original building) early 2005.
  12. Constuction of a new South wing in Spring 2005; Opened Dec 1, 2006.
  13. Construction of the new North wing, completion Spring 2008.
  14. Acquisition by Park Place Seniors Living, July 2016.
  15. Renamed to Fort Langley Seniors Community.

    PLEASE NOTE: The content above is currently being researched and validated. While we believe the information is accurate, it has not all been verified. If you have any information or materials regarding Simpson's history, please contact us.